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Mark IV Monorails

As Walt Disney Productions began to finalize its plans for Disney World in Florida it was decided that monorails

would be used as a primary means of transportation for this new “Vacation Kingdom”. While the monorail system would

not be as extensive as Walt Disney's original plans for the Florida site it would still be the primary mode for transporting

guests throughout the resort. To preserve the aesthetics of the resort and to separate the theme park from the outside

world the parking facilities for the Magic Kingdom were built nearly a mile across the 200 acre Seven Seas Lagoon

creating one of the worlds largest park and ride operations. This would be the first Disney monorail system that had a

real transportation purpose it was no longer a ride in the park but a necessary element to the resorts continued

operation. Disney now put its nearly 10 years of experience with the ALWEG designed monorails of  Disneyland to good

use and began the process of creating the monorail system. Inspired by the look of the popular Leer jets Disney

Imagineer Bob Gurr designed the new Mark IV trains. The Mark IV trains were manufactured by Martin Marietta.

Originally 10 trains were built with two more added in 1977

Mark IV facts:

Monorail Service Dates:

Monorail Orange In service 9/1/71 delivered 4/5/71.

Monorail Green In service 9/1/71 delivered 5/20/71.

Monorail Gold In service 9/1/71 delivered 6/15/71.

Monorail Blue In service 9/20/71

Monorail Red In service 11/7/71

Monorail Yellow In service 12/3/71

Monorail Pink In service 7/3/72

Monorail Silver In service 8/16/72

Monorail Purple In service 11/14/72

Monorail Black In service 12/22/72

Train Performance

Grade: 6%

Acceleration: 3.0 ft/sec¬¾

Deceleration: 5.0 ft/sec¬¾

Direction: Reversible

Energy Consumption

Total system per year: 5,511,200 KWH

Per train operating hour: 137 KWH

Per train Mile: 11.52 KWH

Per passenger mile: .14 KWH

Train Specifications

Length: 5 cars: 171'

6 cars: 201'

Width: 8' 10”

Height: 11' 7” (7' above top of beam)

Weight (lbs):

5 cars empty: 92,000

5 cars gross: 122,600

6 cars empty: 108,500

6 cars gross: 145,100

Propulsion and Braking

Motors: 600 VDC 100 HP (8 per train)

Controls: Manual, synchronized drive. cam controlled

Braking: Dynamic and hydraulic disc

Power collection: Replaceable carbon shoes (8 per train)